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Antique Fishing Tackle

Antique fishing rods, vintage fishing lures, vintage fly rods, and antique casting reels and spinning reels are all what I call fisheriana. Railroad memorabilia collectors call their objects "railroadiana" so why not fisheriana? This site is for vintage fishing gear collectors looking for interesting vintage fisheriana.

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1949 Hamm's Beer and Fishing Vintage Rustic Retro Metal Sign 8" x 12"

Vintage fishing lure Hook Guards (lot#9729)

Vintage Sealed Japanese KIRAKU Fishing Lure Plug Model 321-7 Japan

Vintage Heddon fly fishing reel model 5 (lot#10008)

Vintage Lou De Wolfe Pat. Pending Jiffy Ferrules fishing lure collection (9469)

Vintage Depose fishing lure made in France (lot#9486)

Vintage Helin Tackle Flat Fish M2 Wood Fishing Lure& BOX & 25th anniversary RARE

Vintage Antique fishing lure swivels (lot#8993)

Vintage fishing reel lube (lot#7563)

Vintage homemade fishing lures (lot#9722)

1X Basket Money Storage Weave Bamboo Brown Wicker Thai Vintage For Wealth Decor

Vintage Shannon fishing lure made in USA (lot#9490)

Vintage Unknown fishing lure (lot#9728)


Vintage W.T. Lowes Buffalo N.Y. fishing lure & others (lot#9483)

Vintage L.L. Bean Fly fishing lure Free Port Main (lot#9453)

Vintage Corrycord Florida USA Line Dryer for fishing lure /Bait hooks (lot#8738)

Vintage Fishing Lure Box, Creek Chub, Baby Jointed Pike, Perch

Vintage fishing lure spinner Canadian leaf? & other (lot#11164)

Antique & Vintage fishing lure spinner & more (lot#9175)

Vintage Ashaway fishing line (lot#11196)

Vintage Heddon, South Bend, Abu and other fish lure practice plugs (lot#11931)

Vintage Desert Canteen Academy Broadway with Box

Vintage Pflueger Summit 1294 Fly Reel-Nice Condition

Lot of 7 Vintage Fred Arbogast Fishing Lures - Jitterbug, Jitterstick, Hula...

Vintage Cordell Big O fishing lure (has marker on one side) (Lot#9791)

Vintage Mepps Double Ross fishing lure (lot#11202)

Vintage Ashaway fishing line (lot#12119)

Vintage Gudespoon fishing lure spoon (lot#9499)

Vintage & Antique Musky fishing lures A L & W, Unknown spinner (lot#10922)

Vintage Chum holder collectable fishing lure helper (lot#7218)

5 Vintage Fishing Reels.Shakespeare,Plueger,South Bend,Bal CLI-23, Edward Small.

Natural Ike vintage fishing lure (lot#8836)

Vintage Arbogast Jitterbug (lot#10569)

Vintage Ashaway fishing line (lot#10422)

Bomber vintage fishing lure (lot#8625)

Vintage Bingo fishing lure body (lot#9726)

Vintage The Reinhart Spinner fishing lure (lot#8209)

Vintage Pflueger June bug fishing lure and others (Lot#11162)

Vintage Surf fishing rod "The Gliebe Co." New York USA (lot#12111)

Vintage Empire City Sea Shell fishing lure spoon (lot#9495)

Vintage Toronto Wobbler, Pflueger fishing lure, Mepps lure (lot#9488)

Vintage floating sinker set for fishing lure of bait (lot#12061)

Vintage Musky fishing lure (lot#12285)

Vintage Frog fishing lure (lot#9113)

Vintage Musky or Saltwater fishing lures (lot#11212)

Weber 400 Kalahatch vintage fly fishing reel (lot#8626)

Antique Metal fishing rod Cork Handle (lot#11297)

Vintage Metal fishing lure hook remover (lot#9902)

Antique Hendryx fishing lure spoon and other vintage spoons (lot#10002)

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