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Vintage Bamboo Fishing Poles

Great bargains on vintage and antique bamboo cane poles.
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451 items

Vintage F. Orvis bamboo fly rod Makers Manchester 9'

Vintage Lee Wulff bamboo fly rod.

Vintage Heddon Tempered Bamboo 3 piece Fly Rod 8' 8" W/Holder

Nippon BC 251 Fishing Tackle Bamboo Fly Rod w/Flys & Many Extras! Rare!!

Post War Split Bamboo Convertible Fly Rod Or Bait Casting Rod In Wood Box Etc .

Vintage Armax 3 Piece Split Bamboo Fly Rod in Montague Original Case SEE PICS

Vintage Antique "Rangeley" Heddon? Bamboo fishing rod c.1930 (Lot#10804)

South Bend 81/2 Split Bamboo Fly Rod In Metal Tube With Sock

Bamboo 3 Piece 12' Vintage Fly Fishing Rod Cane Pole Wood

Heddon #10 Wooden Bamboo Fly rod 9 Foot

A 3 pc bamboo fly rod, reconditioned bamboo new parts.

3 piece bamboo fly rod reconditioned bamboo all new parts.

a bamboo fly rod reconditioned bamboo 3 pieces 4-5wt

bamboo fly rod, reconditioned bamboo all new parts 4-5line wt

Frostco Tonkin Hex. Cane 8' 6" Fly Fishing Rod

Tarryall Bamboo Fly Rod 9 1/2' #6/7 made by Fred DeBell Un-Used Pristine

Antique Montague Split switch Bamboo Fly Rod

Vintage Antique Montague 8'6" Bamboo Fly Rod with case 4 Piece Old Fishing Rod

VINTAGE Oscar R. Wagner 3/01/50 Cast Rite 7’-0” Saltwater Rod Hexagon Bamboo

Genuine Tonkin Cane Fishing Rod H-1 Sarasota w/ Eagle Claw 502HD Reel

>> MONTAGUE FLASH >> 3 pc. (3-2) 9 ft. split bamboo fly rod

Rare Hardys Palakona Bamboo rod Excellent

Rare Handsome Box Bamboo Box 2017 Near mint 50 × 17 × 7.5

Vintage Bamboo Casting Rods With Holders and Aluminum Carrier Lot


Vintage South Bend split bamboo fly rod No. 290

Rare South Bend Model 469 7' 2 Piece 1 Tip Bamboo Fly Spin Combo

Vintage Estate KINGFISHER Bamboo Casting Fishing Rod 2- Piece 67"

Vintage Bamboo and Wood 9ft Fishing Pole with (extra guides)

vintage bamboo fishing rods One 3peice Rod And One One Peice Rod With Extra Tip

Vintage Montague Genuine Tonkin Cane Bamboo Antique Fishing Pole Rod


Vtg Bamboo Fishing Pole Norton 2 pcs Cane Fly Fishing

Vintage ARGUS Bamboo Fishing Rod in 2 psc.

Vintage Antique Nikko bamboo fly fishing pole barely used 3 piece Fenwick case

Antique Bamboo 3-piece Fishing Pole/Rod Set w/Holder 8-1/2'

3pc 8ft plus bamboo fly rod 4-5wt old rod restored

Vintage Japanese Split 4 Pieces Bamboo Fish Rod Kiraku & Co. Grampus Acme AS IS

Vintage Ebisu Japan Bamboo Fishing Rod FLY AND CASTING In Wood Box near nos

Vintage Seaway Bamboo Fly Rod Pole 16’ 3 Section NOS Fishing

Vintage Antique Bamboo Fly Rod Pole 16’ 3 Sections Fishing

Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod 3 Piece 10ft+ Very Cool

NEW- Vintage Ebisu Japan Bamboo Fishing Rod 5 Piece FLY AND CASTING In Wood Box

Vintage Montague Split Switch Bamboo Fly Roy 4pc (2 Tips) with Cloth and Tube!

B And M West Point Mississippi Rigged Jointed 10 Foot Bamboo Fishing Pole Sealed

Vintage Bamboo Fishing Rod & Case

Vintage, South Bend Model 47, Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod, 9 ft, for Display or Parts

Antique 10' Split Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod

Kimra Convertible Split Bamboo Fly Rod 1950s

VINTAGE FOLSOM (Heddon) 1515 4 PIECE (2 Tips) 9'2" BAMBOO FLY ROD w/ SACK - EUC+

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