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Vintage Fiberglass Fishing Rods

Vintage Fiberglass Fishing Rods
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Heddon Mark II (8355) 8' Controlled Flex Action 7wt.2 piece Fiberglass Fly Rod


Maxcatch Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod: 3wt/ 5wt/ 7'0'' 3wt 3sec Transparent

Vintage Heddon Pal Black Beauty #75 9’ Two Piece Fiberglass Fly Rod

VIntage, Hurricane Ultra Fast Tubular Fiberglass Fishing Rod, 7 foot

"Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod 3Wt/ 5Wt/ 6Wt/8Wt in BlueOrange"

"Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod 3Wt/ 5Wt/ 6Wt/8Wt in BlueOrange"

Vintage FENWICK HMG IRON HAWK GRAPHITE HFC-558 Baitcasting 5'6" Rod Fast Ship!!

Vintage Maxam Graphite 3565 Fishing Rod

Vint. Custom Built Fiberglass 9 ft 6 Inch Saltwater Rod No Shipping Pick-up Only

Vint. Garcia Gamefish Series Fiberglass Saltwater Boat Rod 6' 8" No Shipping!!!

MInt VINTAGE ~ 60s AVOCADO CD590 10.5' MICRO FLEX V Fiberglass SURF Casting ROD

fly rod vintage abbey & imbrie new york 1700 6.23 feet early fiberglass rare

RARE Vintage NOS 2PC TRULINE DYNAMO SC62 GLASS Fishing Rod 6' Casting California

Dawson Classic 9’6” 2 piece Graphite trout fly rod, line rate #7/8

Vision GT Four SW M Fast’ 4 Piece Graphite Traveler Trout Fly Rod , Line Rate...

Thomas & Thomas Apex 909 9’ graphite saltwater travel fly rod & Cordura tube

Thomas & Thomas Horizon 9’ graphite fly rod warranty card, maker’s bag & scre...

Abu Ambassadeur 15’ 3 piece woven graphite Salmon fly rod, line #10 & origina...

Abu Garcia Fly Max IM6 Graphite 14’ 3 piece fly rod, line rate #10/12 & origi...

Orvis T3 9' graphite travel fly rod #8 four-piece, bag and alloy tube, salt o...

Hardy Graphite Stillwater 10’ 2 piece trout fly rod line #7/8 & original bag

Shimano Perfection Graphite 16’ three-piece salmon fly rod & makers bag

Airflo Tec-PT 9’ 3 piece Graphite trout fly rod line #8/9, original bag & Cor...

Salmon Fibre Glass Rod Vintage

Gamage's 'The Comfort' 14' Glass Fiber Coarse Fishing Three Piece Rod


The House Of Hardy Smugglers De Lux 8.5 Ft Graphite #6 Great Condition 7piece

VTG H-I Horrocks Ibbotson Mohawk Fibre Glass 2 PC Spinning Rod 7'9" & CASE

Vintage Horrocks-Ibbotson HI Mustang fiberglass Fly Rod 2piece

Vintage Phillipson T76 HDH Powr Kast Fiberglass 7-1/2'  Two Piece Fly Rod

Vintage USA Special TALO Model WRIGHT & McGILL MTBA - 8 1/2' Fiberglass FlyRod

H-I Vintage Fiberglass Fishing Rod And Baiting Casting Kit

Gladding South Bend Fast Lock Fiberglass Fishing Pole Vintage two piece 6 1/2'

Fiber Glass Fishing Rod SEARS ROEBUCK & SIMPSON SEARS LTD 8' 6" Model 309.29840

RARE NOS SABRE Nypoxy Glass Custom Fishing Rod 7' 5020C California Varmac

Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Rod, 2 Pc. Graphite, 9ft, 5/6wt, Metallic Green

Aventik 4pc Weight4/5,8.6foot MF Graphite Rod Carbon Fiber Blanks with Hard Cord

Daiwa C98 Salmon 15’ 3-piece graphite salmon fly rod, line #10/11

Thomas & Thomas 9’ 2 piece graphite saltwater fly rod, line rate #12, Tarpon ...

Thomas & Thomas 8’6”, 2 piece graphite saltwater fly rod, line rate #14 with bag

Abu Ambassadeur 15' 3-piece woven graphite salmon fly rod & bag

Snowbee Geo Nano-Technology 9’ four-piece graphite trout fly rod, #9 pike sal...

The Bloke XL50 15'- 4 pce graphite salmon fly rod #10/11 Spey for spares tip ...

Vintage Skyline Graphite SSW 410 341991 Fishing Rod

Vintage Fenwick Hooksetter HSS 695 5 3/4' Graphite Fishing Rod

Vintage Fenwick Blackhawk Graphite BS 51 UL spinning rod

"Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod 3Wt/ 5Wt/ 6Wt/8Wt in BlueOrange"

"Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod 3Wt/ 5Wt/ 6Wt/8Wt in BlueOrange"

Vintage Fishing Pole Montgomery Wards Hawthorne tubular glass 2 Piece 6 ‘ NICE

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